Purchase Parallels Desktop for Mac Student and Educator Edition

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The academic version of Parallels Desktop for Mac is available for enrolled college/university students as well as the teaching staff via the Parallels website. The Student and Educator Edition is a discounted 1-year Parallels Desktop subscription of Parallels Desktop Standard or Pro edition (the selected edition will affect the price).

Make sure that the web page where you place your order corresponds to your location. Select your country and language from the drop-down list in the upper right corner:


To proceed with the purchase, verify your academic status:

1. Open https://www.parallels.com/landingpage/pd/education/ and click Buy Now.

2. Click Start to verify your status.

3. Confirm your eligibility by following on-screen instructions.

Note: Only one copy of Parallels Desktop may be obtained after being verified. This limit was implemented to prevent unauthorized re-trading.

Note: If you can't find your institution in the list, if SSO (single sign-on) isn't available for your institution or if your institution doesn't provide an academic-issued email address, click Can't find your institution? and follow the on-screen instructions:

Upon following the instructions presented in the screenshot above you'll be given a verification code if your academic status can be determined. Once you obtain a code, get back to step 2, click Have a verification code? button and follow on-screen instructions.


If you need assistance with the student status verification, please contact Proxi.ID.

If you have an issue with a purchase or payment, kindly contact Parallels Support using My Account.

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