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Parallels Access. Working with Applications

  • Parallels Access

What is App Launcher?

The Parallels Access App Launcher is the screen in Parallels Access showing available apps/programs from your native host computer. From the App Launcher you can open apps; add, delete, or reorganize apps; or disconnect Parallels Access


Initially, a collection of commonly used apps are added to your App Launcher screen. You can add and remove apps by clicking Edit and choosing apps you want to add. You can have as many applications on App Launcher as you like

To remove an application from App Launcher either click Edit or touch and hold an app until all of the apps start jiggling, and then tap the X on the app you want to remove.

Removing an application doesn’t delete it from your computer but removes it from your App Launcher screen. You can always add it back again later by tapping on the + icon.

Working with Applications

Parallels Access focuses on a single app as if it were a native iPad, System-level items like the Apple menu, the OS X Dock, and the Windows Taskbar are not shown.

You can access these items in Desktop Mode. Tap the Settings (Gear picture) icon in the right toolbar and tap Desktop Mode. This will change your screen to display a traditional desktop view. 

How do you switch to another window in the same application?

Example, two different Word documents are open, how can you change from one document to the other? Tap the icon in the toolbar to open the App Navigator and tap the numbered arrow to show all open items belonging to this app.  Tap the desired window you want to open.

How do you switch to another application?

Open the App Navigator (see above), and then tap another open app or tap the App Launcher icon and choose an app from there.


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