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Permanent Toolbox licenses do not get new Tools added to the inventory

  • Parallels Toolbox for Mac

Newly released Parallels Toolbox items become available only for Parallels Toolbox or Parallels Desktop Pro subscription users.

Owners of the Permanent Parallels Desktop licenses do not receive additional functionality of the newly added Parallels Tools items.

Parallels Toolbox


After installing the most recent update for Parallels Toolbox, the application list remained the same. This contradicts the Parallels Toolbox features list that states that the latest update had new Toolbox items added to the Toolbox inventory.


The new Toolbox items are available only for Subscription owners.

The owners of permanent licenses for Parallels Desktop for Mac coming with Toolbox apps get their set of Parallels Toolbox apps frozen at the moment of purchase. The apps they already have will receive updates and fixes on release, but the list would remain the same - or stay "permanent".

Subscription owners, on the other hand, get the new Toolbox items added to their inventory, thus benefiting from their subscription.


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