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HALB - Hypervisor Prerequisites

  • Parallels Remote Application Server 15.0
  • Parallels Remote Application Server 14.0

Before configuring HALB from the Remote Application Server console, first import a HALB appliance to either of the following hypervisor platforms: Microsoft Hyper-V, Virtual Box, or VMware. An appliance is a pre-configured virtual machine (including the operating system and other relevant settings).

Virtual Box/VMware

For Virtual Box or VMware, the appliance should be imported with either the OVA or zipped VMDK appliance file obtained from the following locations:

If deployed via the OVA file, the VM is applied with machine specifications already configured. Alternatively, deployment via the VMDK file deploys the VM without pre-configured specifications.

The minimum specifications for this VM are outlined below:

  1. 1 CPU
  2. 256 MB RAM
  3. 1 Network Card

Microsoft Hyper-V

For Microsoft Hyper-V, the appliance should be imported with the VDH file obtained from this location: Download

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