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"process_prl_vm_app caught causing excessive wakeups" error messages in the system.log

  • Parallels Desktop 10 for Mac Standard Edition


I got strange error messages in the OS X system.log like:

process prl_vm_app[68638] caught causing excessive wakeups. Observed wakeups rate (per sec): 204; Maximum permitted wakeups rate (per sec): 150; Observation period: 300 seconds; Task lifetime number of wakeups: 11490631

ReportCrash[2524]: Invoking spindump for pid=1118 wakeups_rate=554 duration=82 because of excessive wakeups

spindump[2464]: Saved wakeups_resource.diag report for prl_vm_app version 10.1.0 (28600) to /Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports/prl_vm_app_2014-10-24-140159_nsk-reserve01-mbp.wakeups_resource.diag

You can also see a lot of files like: powerstats*.diag, *.wakeups_resource.spin and *.cpu_resource.spin appearing in /Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports/ folder.


These are the diagnostic messages generated by the OS X that do not affect the performance of your Mac or the virtual machine and thus can be ignored.

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