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Nested Hyper-V support in Parallels Desktop virtual machines

  • Parallels Desktop for Mac Business Edition
  • Parallels Desktop for Mac Standard Edition
  • Parallels Desktop for Mac Pro Edition


Nested Hyper-V support in Parallels Desktop Virtual Machines


Parallels Desktop provides nested virtualization support (VT-X technology) that allows you to run Hyper-V virtual machines inside Windows 8, 10 and Windows Server 2012 virtual machines.

Note: Running a virtual machine within a virtual machine may slightly slow down the hosting virtual machine performance.

To enable Hyper-V support in

  • Parallels Desktop Pro and Business Edition:

Go to Actions menu ► ConfigureHardwareCPU&Memory. Expand "Advanced Settings" and tick Enable Nested Virtualization checkbox.


  • Parallels Desktop 8, 9 and 10:

This option located in OptionsOptimization

If you want to create or test applications for Windows Phone, first configure Windows to run Windows Phone emulator.

Warning: Do not use Hyper-V virtual machines in a production environment. Microsoft® doesn't support nesting Hyper-V, and so such virtual machines may be unstable.

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我想在PD虚拟机中使用Win7操作系统,然后在Win7上使用Android模拟器开发,请问不知道能不能实现,因为下载一般的Android模拟器也是通过一些虚拟机实现的,可能相当于在PD虚拟机中再安装一个虚拟机,我目前使用的Android模拟器有Genymotion或者Android Studio自带的 模拟器(需要intelhaxm-android支持),是否可以实现?

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