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F9-F12 function keys do not work as expected in Virtual Machines

  • Parallels Desktop 9 for Mac Standard Edition


F9 - F12 keys in Virtual Machines are working the way they usually work in Mac OS X:

  • F9 - 'Mission Control'
  • F10 - 'Application windows'
  • F11 - 'Desktop'
  • F12 - 'Dashboard'


On OS X 10.9 Mavericks please make sure Accessibility is turned on for Parallels Desktop

  1. Using Virtual machines menus:

    a. Go to Devices ► Keyboard ► F8-12

  2. Using Parallels Desktop 8 Preferences:

    a. Go to Parallels Desktop menu ► Preferences ► Shortcuts ► System shortcuts

    b. Switch Send System shortcuts to Always

  3. Using OS X Preferences:

    a. Open System Preferences ► Keyboard ► Keyboard Shortcuts

    b. Change shortcuts so that F8-F12 are left unused by OS X

    You may also need to check System Preferences ► Keyboard ► Keyboard ► Use all F1 , F2 etc keys as standard function keys

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