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How to install Quicken, MS Office or other software in a Windows virtual machine

  • Parallels Desktop


  • Make sure you have Windows virtual machine installed.

    You cannot install any Windows program on your Mac OS X directly

    You cannot install any Windows program in non-Windows virtual machine (Ubuntu, Chrome OS, Android etc.)

  • Make sure your Windows virtual machine meets the system requirements of the software you want to install (amount of RAM, DirectX version, specific graphic cards, etc). Refer to your software manufacturer website or User's Guide/Manual.

  • If you plan to download the installation package of the software you want to install from the Internet, make sure no firewall (including firewalls/Internet Security solutions for Mac) is blocking the download process. There are cases where some 3rd party Internet Security solutions (antivirus + firewall) for Mac would block downloading .exe files from the Internet or make downloading unsuccessful.

General scenario: your Mac has CD/DVD drive

  1. Start Parallels Desktop

  2. Go to your virtual machine's Configuration

  3. Switch to Hardware tab -> CD/DVD Drive. Choose Default CD/DVD from the Connect to: drop-down list.

  4. Insert the installation disk (CD or DVD) of the software you would like to install into the CD/DVD drive of your Mac.

  5. In Windows: Open Windows Explorer, Go to Computer -> CD/DVD Drive -> Launch the installation file (usually called setup.exe or install.exe)

  6. Follow the Installation wizard. Refer to the software's User's Guide/Manual or website for more details on installation process.

Your Mac does not have a CD/DVD drive:

  • Download the installation file/package from the Internet/software vendor's website to your virtual machine and follow the installation instructions provided by the software vendor.

  • Use Mac Remote Disc feature

  • Convert your installation CD/DVD into an .iso disk image file on another Mac or Windows PC (Using a third-party CD or DVD burning program or other program that lets you create disc image files from a CD or DVD). Once the .iso file is created connect it to your virtual machine as a DVD device then follow the general instructions

If installation process is not successful (Installation wizard fails to start, installation breakes at some point with or without the error message, installed software fails to start) please contact your software manufacturer support department directly.

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