What tools are available in Parallels Toolbox for Mac?

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Parallels Toolbox for Mac includes lots of features. Go through the article to find out more about them:

Airplane Mode

Use this tool to quickly turn off all wireless communication (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc.) on your Mac. To activate it, simply click the "Airplane Mode" icon in Toolbox. To disable ''Airplane Mode", click the tool again. 


Use this tool to alert you at a specific time with a notification and sound. Just set time and day of the week (or several days of the week), and the alarm will pop up as scheduled. Select a sound, add a name, and get notified every week. You can click the Snooze button to be alerted again in 5 minutes.


Use Archiver to create compressed archives from your files, to save space or easily share multiple files. Archive has more capabilities than a built-in system utility.

Barcode Generator

Use this tool to the generate barcodes. You need to enter text or a URL, choose your barcode format, and the tool will seamlessly generate a barcode or a QR code image. You can then copy the barcode to the clipboard or save it as an image file for printing.

Barcode Reader

Use this tool to drag an image containing a code of any kind onto this tool, and it will recognize it. You can also hold a code in front of your computer’s camera to scan it that way.

Break Time

Use this tool to set the frequency and duration of your breaks so that the app can help you stay on track. The app will then remind you when to take a break and when to get back to work, as well as let you know how much time you have left of your break and until your next break.

Capture Area, Screen or Window

Use this tool to take a screenshot of of a selected area, a window or the entire screen. The image file appears on your Desktop.

Clean Drive

Use this tool to get more free space and optimize your Mac. "Clean Drive" scans the system and detects the files that can be safely removed - cache, logs, temporary files, etc. The application can also find large and old files in macOS. "Clean Drive" doesn't delete files automatically - once the system is scanned, you can choose what to delete and what to keep.

Clipboard History

Use this tool to keep text and pictures that you copy to the clipboard for up to 30 days. You can quickly paste them whenever you need with just a few clicks. The tool's window lists the copied items and shows in which applications they were copied. If you need to quickly find something in the clipboard history, use search or add the frequently used items to favorites. If you don't want to collect copied items from some applications, you can either pause the tool or add these apps to the exclusion list. 

Convert Video

Use this tool to convert videos so they can be played in the Video app on an iPhone or iPad. Simply drag a video, for example your favorite movie or TV show, to the tool's icon or window and it is converted. The tool can convert almost any video format and can add converted video to your iTunes Library.

Convert Audio

Use this tool to convert audio to the desired format. Almost all the incoming formats are supported (mp4, mov, mp3, m4v, avi, flac, fly, ac3, amr, au, caf, m4b, pga, wma, web, 3g2, 3gp, der, mkv, mpg, mpeg, rmvb, ts, von, wem, wmv, wav, m4a, aac, ape, m4r, oga, aiff, opus, ogg). The following output formats are supported: MP3, AAC, M4R (iPhone Ringtone), FLAC, OGG, WAV, WMA, AC3, AIFF, M4A (MP4 Audio only).

CPU Temperature

Use this tool to monitor temperature of each of the CPU cores on your Mac, and also it shows the fan speeds that cool these cores. 

Date Countdown

Use this tool to set up a countdown to a specific date, such as a birthday, a deadline, or a vacation. Just enter the day and month, and Date Countdown starts counting down the days, showing the number of remaining days in the tool's icons in the Dock and the Finder. When the date arrives, Date Countdown displays a message. You can stop the countdown by flipping the On/Off switch in the app's main window.

Do Not Disturb

Use this tool when you want to avoid distractions so you can focus on the task at hand . When activated, notifications are disabled and the Dock app animations is disabled. To turn off this mode, click the tool again. All previous settings are restored. Do Not Disturb turns off automatically at 12:00 AM.

Do Not Sleep

When activated, this tool prevents your computer from going to sleep and your display from dimming. This is useful when you want to ensure a task won't be interrupted. When activated, all settings that would allow the computer go to sleep are disabled. To deactivate this mode and restore all sleep settings, simply launch the tool again.

Download Audio

Use this tool to download audio filed from the Internet. You can download audio files one by one or the whole playlist at once. You can also download audio from video files. By default, audio files are saved to the Downloads folder (you can specify another folder in the tool's preferences).

Download Video

Use this tool to download videos from the Internet. Simply drag the URL of a website featuring a video from your browser to the tool's icon or window and the video begins downloading. Many popular video sharing sites are supported. You can also copy the URL (select it and press Command+C), switch to the Download Video tool, and paste it (Command+V). Video files are saved to the Downloads folder on your Mac.

Eject Volumes

Use this tool to eject all volumes mounted to your Desktop, including local removable volumes like external hard drives and memory cards, network volumes, and even mounted disk images. When you open the tool, the application immediately attempts to unmount all volumes, decreasing clutter on your Desktop. You can set which types of volumes to amount in the tool's Preferences.

Encrypt Files

Use this tool to encrypt and decrypt files. As a well-integrated Mac tool, you can save the encryption passwords in the Mac Keychain, and use Touch ID, if your Mac has that feature. The tool also accepts multiple files and folders for encryption: just drag and drop more files to the drop zone in the tool to add them.  Since cross-platform encryption is often needed, the Encrypt Files tool uses AES-256 encryption which enables you to share and decrypt the file between both Windows and MacOS.

Energy Saver

Use this tool to extend your Mac's battery life. When the energy-saving mode is enabled, this tool automatically detects when your Mac is switched to battery and enables a number of energy-saving options that usually hidden deep inside the operating system. If you don't want the tool to activate automatically, you can turn it off in he tool's preferences.

Find Duplicates 

Use this tool to scan you Mac for duplicate files. Launch the tool and select the directory you want to check. Once the scanning is complete, you can preview the detected files and choose which duplicates to keep and which to delete. Deleted files are moved to the Trash.

Focus on Window

Use this tool to highlight one window and dim the rest of the open windows on-screen so you can focus on what you’re doing.

Free Memory

Use this tool to quickly release inactive memory and optimize memory consumption on your Mac. It is recommended that you use "Free Memory" before launching a memory-intensive app or game. Drag "Free Memory" to the macOS menu bar to easily check how much RAM is available and free unused memory with just a few clicks.

Hidden Files

Use this tool to either show or conceal hidden files and folders. To show hidden files click the tool's icon. To conceal hidden files, click the tool's icon again.

Hide Desktop Files

Use this tool to hide all the files, folders, and other icons on your desktop. To activate it, simply click the Hide Desktop icon in Toolbox, the Dock, or the Finder. To show the icons back just click on the tool icon again.

Hide Menu Icons

Use this tool to hide unused icons. In the tool's preferences specify which icons you want to hide and which to stay visible. When the tool is active, the icons you chose to hide are not visible. To show them, click the tool's icon. To hide them back, click the tool's icon again or elsewhere on the screen.


Use this tool to open several items on your computer, such as applications, documents, folders, links, or other files, al at once with just ne click. Open the tool and drag items to the tool's window (or to the tool's icon) to create a sequence of items that will be opened next time you click the tool's icon. To edit the set of items, right- or control-click the tool and choose preferences.

Lock Screen

Activate this tool to immediately lock your screen to prevent unauthorized access to your computer. No need to wait until the password-protected screen saver kicks in, or to remember which corner activates what - simply click the Lock Screen tool. To unlock the computer and continue, just enter your user account password.

Make GIF

Use this tool to create animated GIFs from videos. Launch the tool, open or drop some video onto the tool's window, adjust the start and end points, add some text if you like and click "Make GIF". The resulting GIF file is saved in the same location as the video.

Mute Microphone

Use this tool to mute your computer's microphone to prevent unauthorized listening by other apps. Simply click Mute Microphone in Toolbox. The built-in microphone is muted and no app receives input from the microphone. The tool's icon indicates that it's active and that the microphone is muted. To disable muting, click the icon again.

Network Usage

Use this tool to monitor current network speed (for the downloads/uploads) and usage without interrupting your workflow and track your transferred data and total network usage daily. 

Presentation Mode

Use this tool to minimize distractions when you need to concentrate or perform a presentation. When Presentation Mode is enabled, it blocks any notifications and Dock animations (on Mac), temporarily disables computer's option for sleep and hides files on Desktop. Presentation Mode is also capable of detecting when an external display or projector is connected, so it can be enabled automatically. You can turn off automatic detection and also set the length for how long Presentation Mode is enabled. 

Recognize Text

Use this tool to convert an image of text into actual plain text that can then be copied to the clipboard and used elsewhere.

Record Area, Screen or Window

Use these tools to record video of a selected area, a window or the entire screen. While recording video, this tool also records audio from the computer's microphone. To stop recording, click the Record Area icon in the Dock. The video file appears on your Desktop.

Record Audio

Use this tool to record audio from your computer's built-in microphone . To start a recording, just click Record Audio in the Toolbox. The blinking icon in the Dock lets you know that audio is recording. You can also record from an external microphone if it is selected as the input source in System Preferences > Sound. To stop recording, click the tool's icon again (in Toolbox or in the Dock). The audio file is saved to the Desktop. Clicking the icon again starts a new recording to be saved as a new file.

Resize Images

Use this tool to resize images or convert them to a different format. Drag a source image (or several images at once) to the tool's window or to the tool's icon in the Dock, then specify the output dimensions and format in the tool's preferences. 

Screenshot Page

Use this tool to take a screenshot of an entire webpage even if it doesn't fit the browser window. When you launch "Screenshot Page" for the first time, it asks you to enable an extension for Safari. This extension adds a button to the left of the Safari address bar. Use the button to create a screenshot of the currently opened webpage. By default, screenshots are saved to the Desktop (you can specify another location in the tool's preferences). If you want to change the output file format, open the tool's preferences and select between PDF, PNG and JPEG.

Show Desktop

Use this tool to instantly access the desktop by minimizing all opened programs. It can also be used to restore the application running in the computer background. Doing that enables you to quickly grab a desktop file or launch another program from the always resourceful desktop space.

Sleep Timer

Use "Sleep Timer" to count down from the specified time to zero and then either send computer to sleep or shut down. To begin the countdown, select an action, set the time and click Start. Even if you close this tool, the countdown will continue and the action will be performed when the timer reaches zero. In 1 minute before the planned action, you will receive an additional notification.


Use the Stopwatch to measure elapsed time, as you would with any stopwatch. You might use it, for example, to measure how long it takes to perform a certain action on your computer. The stopwatch can be started and stopped quickly simply by clicking the icon in Toolbox or the Dock . You can pause the stopwatch and then continue or reset the time. Even if you restart your computer, the stopwatch continues measuring time.

Switch Resolution

Use this tool to quickly switch display resolution directly from Mac menu bar. See the list of all display resolutions available for all displays connected to Mac and change them on the fly (Including external monitors). Additionally, this tool lets you change the screen orientation.

System Monitor

Use this tool to check Mac system resources and their performance. Simply click the tool's icon in Parallels Toolbox and get all the details in one place.

Take Photo

Use this tool to take a photos using the Mac's camera. Simply click the tool's icon in Parallels Toolbox and then click the button to take a photo.

Take Video

Use this tool to record videos using the Mac's camera. Simply click the tool's icon in Parallels Toolbox and then click the "Start" button. While recording video, the tool also records audio from the Mac's microphone. To stop recording, click the Stop button. By default, video files are saved to the Desktop.


Use the Timer to count down from a time you specify to zero. To begin the countdown, set the time and click Start. Even if you close the application, it continues counting down and notifies you when the timer reaches zero. You can set a sound to play to help make sure you don't miss the notification.

Transform Text

Use this tool to transform text. Simply type or paste the text, and the tool will convert the text automatically to the format you have selected. This tool helps you transform text to capitalize case, title case, lower case, sentence case, or other styles. It can also clean up text by removing empty lines, duplicate lines, or by reversing it.


Use this tool to unpack archives, including those not supported by the built-in system utility. For example, this tool can unpack archives formatted as 7z, RAR, RPM, XAR , and Z . When Parallels Toolbox is installed, double-clicking any of these types of files opens Unarchiver and starts unpacking. Unarchiver also supports password-protected archives.

Uninstall Apps

Use this tool to remove applications and their files from your Mac. "Uninstall Apps" scans the Mac's hard drive and shows apps and all their files. The tool can also show and remove leftover files related to applications that have already been uninstalled.

Unit Converter

Use this tool to Instantly convert different units of measurement and currencies by simply typing your query. 

Verify Checksum

Use this tool to calculate the checksum of a file and compare that checksum with the original checksum published by the file’s creator. To generate a checksum, just select a file and algorithm. When comparing checksums, be sure to choose the right algorithm. You can choose between MD5, CRC32, SHA1/256/512. 

Window Manager

Use this tool to size a window on your Mac to your predefined dimensions and position. Simply drag a window to a screen’s edge and it will automatically resize to half a screen, a third of a screen or even a quarter.  

World Time

Use this tool to see local time in cities located in different time zones. Thousands of locations around the globe, time offset information, daytime and night-time info - all of this is conveniently located right in the Mac's menu bar for quick and easy access.

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