Two-factor authentication for Parallels account

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The Parallels account security settings have a two-factor authentication, which allows you to restrict access to your Parallels account to approved and confirmed devices and web browsers. This gives you an extra layer of protection for your Parallels account data against unauthorized access. This is particularly important if you are using remote computers with Parallels Access, or being an administrator of business account.

Parallels highly recommends to keep the two-factor authentication enabled. If you intend to disable this feature, please secure your account with a unique and complex password, which consists of at least 8 random letters, digits and symbols, and contains both uppercase and lowercase. Don't use a password that has already been used for online marketplaces, social networks or other web portals.

To manage the Authentication setting, follow these steps:

1. Log in to your Parallels account at

2. Click on the user icon at the top right corner and select Security Settings.

3. Locate the Verify Device upon Login option in the Authentication and Recovery panel at the top of the page.

4. Change the options in the selection box on the right. The change saves automatically.

Once the verification is enabled, you will have to confirm access once for each of your mobile devices or web browsers if you never did that before.

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