Remote Application Server - Activate a trial version.

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This article will explain how to activate a trial version of Parallels® Remote Application Server (RAS). This full-featured trial is valid for 30 days and for up to 50 concurrent users. Please note that this is not required on Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services™ (AWS) trials.

Parallels My Account

A Parallels business account is required to activate a trial version of Parallels RAS. This account can be created directly from the Parallels RAS Console. When you open the Parallels RAS Console for the first time, it displays the login dialog where you need to specify the following fields to connect to you Parallels RAS Farm: Farm, Friendly name, User and Password

 After entering the connection properties, click on the Connect button and the Sign In To Activate Parallels RAS dialog box will be shown. Click on the Register… button. 

Complete all the following fields with your personal information 

If all the details are entered correctly, a prompt stating your account has been successfully registered will be shown.  

Finally, you will then be taken back to enter your Parallels My Account credentials.

Activate a Parallels RAS Trial Version 

Enter your previously created Parallels business account credentials and click on the Sign In button. 

Once you’ve logged in, the dialogue box below will appear. Select Activate trial version and click Activate 

If the trial version is successfully activated, a prompt will appear stating that you have successfully activated Parallels RAS. 

You can check further details about your trial license browsing the License category within the Parallels RAS Console. 


  • License Type: The type of your Parallels RAS license (e.g. subscription, trial, etc.).  

  • Expiration Date: Your license expiration date (or the number of days remaining).  

  • Maximum allowed concurrent users:
    The maximum number of concurrent users that your license allows. For
    example, if your own a Parallels RAS subscription and need more
    concurrent connections, you need to upgrade your subscription.  

  • Peak Users:
    Your peak concurrent users to date. You can use this value to evaluate
    whether you might need to upgrade your subscription to include more
    concurrent users.  

  • Current Users: The number of users currently connected to your Parallels RAS Farm. 

Once you have successfully activated the trial version, you may proceed to configure Parallels RAS.


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