Parallels Tools installation hangs at 15% to 27%

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A build-to-build upgrade of Parallels Tools installation hangs at 15% to 27%.

Running sfc /scannow using command prompt shows system violation.


  1. Take a snapshot.

  2. Install all Windows updates.

  3. Use FixIt to remove previous versions of Parallels Tools.

  4. If FixIt cannot recognize Parallels Tools, install Parallels Tools from Temp folder:

    • click on Windows Start button;
    • in the search field ("Run" for Windows XP) choose Programs and Files;
    • type %temp% and hit Enter/Return;
    • Go to PrlToolsPackages folder -> double click on setup.

Parallels Tools will try to install, you will get a message that the "installation was interrupted". Now restart Windows and try from step 3 again.

5.Try to install Parallels Tools again using manual installation.

If it does not help, this might mean that your Windows installation needs repairing:

  1. Make a backup copy of your Virtual Machine;
  2. Boot Windows 7 Virtual Machine;
  3. Insert Windows 7 installation CD or connect the image of it to the virtual CD;
  4. Open the CD/DVD drive from My Computer on the Virtual Machine's site -> double click setup.exe;
  5. When prompted, please choose Upgrade (not clean "Install");
  6. After the Upgrade process is finished, please reinstall Parallels Tools.

For more details on Windows repair installation please visit Microsoft kb#2255099.


Windows has corrupted files or some critical Windows updates are missing.

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