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I purchased the download version of Windows 7 from the Parallels website, but the downloaded file is too small

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You purchased the download version of Windows 7 from Parallels, when it was available, but the installation file is too small.


Note: at the moment Windows is not available at Parallels. See article #115022 for more information.

If the order for Windows 7 was placed through Parallels online store or Parallels Convenience Store, it was processed by our order processing partner Digital River.

The link to download Windows 7 was provided in the order confirmation email. To download Windows 7, please follow the instructions below.

Note: The file names in the following steps and figures may be different. The file names change slightly for different versions of Windows 7.

STEP 1: On the Mac, download the .dmg file for the Windows 7 version you have purchased.

When this download completes and the .dmg file opens, it will look like this:


This .dmg file contains four different download managers (DLM):

  • – this file should not be used.
  • – this file can be used in very rare cases when you want to run Windows 7 64-bit in your Parallels Desktop virtual machine.
  • – this file should not be used.
  • – This is the file that you should use.

STEP 2: Create a new folder on your Mac desktop, and drag the file from the Windows7.dmg window into this new folder.

STEP 3: Double click the file This will start the download process for the file X17-24208.iso. This is a large download (about 2.5GB) and may take a while, depending on the speed of your Internet connection.

STEP 4: Follow the instructions for creating a New Virtual Machine from the Parallels Desktop Users guide.


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