Managing Universal Scanning

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Scanner redirection enables users who are connected to a remote desktop or accessing a published application to make a scan using the scanner that is connected to the client machine.

Universal Scanning uses TWAIN, as well as WIA redirection to let any application using either technology hardware connected to the client device for scanning. With Universal Scanning there is no need to install any scanner driver on the server. Only one scanner is shown on the server regardless of the number of users and sessions currently in use on the terminal server.

Note: The server feature ‘Desktop Experience’ is required in order in enable both **WIA** and **TWAIN** scanning on Terminal Servers.

By default the Universal Scanning driver is automatically installed with the Terminal Server, VDI Guest and Remote PC agents. Therefore upon adding a server to the farm the Universal Scanning is installed.

Note: The Universal Scanning driver is available in 32 and 64 bit format. Currently only 32 bit applications are supported.

Configuring a Scanning Rename Pattern

By default Parallels Remote Application Server renames the scanners using the following pattern: %SCANNERNAME% for %USERNAME% by 2X. Therefore if a user that has SCANNER1 installed locally connects to a remote desktop or published application, his scanner is renamed to SCANNER1 for the user by 2X.

To change the pattern used to rename scanners specify a new pattern in the Scanner rename pattern input field found in the Parallels 2X Remote Application Server Console > Universal Scanning node. The variables available for renaming scanners are:

You can also configure a different scanner renaming pattern specifically for each server from the server properties.

Note: Redirected scanners are only accessible by administrator and the user who redirected the scanner.

Enabling and Disabling Universal Scanning Support

To enable or disable WIA or Twain Universal Scanning support from a particular server follow the below procedure:

  1. Open the Parallels 2X Remote Application Server console and open the Universal Scanning category in the navigation bar.
  2. Click the WIA tab or the TWAIN tab.
  3. Highlight the name of the server you would like to modify and click Enable to enable Universal Scanning support or Disable to disable it from the Tasks drop down menu.

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