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Scope of Support for Parallels Commercial products

  • Parallels Mac Management
  • Parallels Remote Application Server

During the term of your active support package for Parallels commercial products, the Parallels team will provide expert level guidance and troubleshooting in connection with questions and issues arising from the installation, configuration, and use of Parallels software, bug fixes, and issue resolution.

Installation: Support for installation (or upgrade) includes providing guidance and troubleshooting in connection with customers' downloading and installing, or upgrading the software.

Configuration Issues: Support for configuration includes troubleshooting customers’ configuration settings for existing installations on approved environments to ensure proper operation and functionality.

Basic Product Functionality Questions: Parallels experts will answer your "how to" questions related to standard and intended product usage.

Product Defect Verification and Reporting: Bug identification. Enhancement and Feature Request Submission

Versions of Supported Products Covered by Parallels Support

Supported Versions: Parallels will provide support only for the versions of the product specified in the product documentation or as specified in the Lifecycle Announcement and Support Service Description: Remote Application Server and Parallels Mac Management

Environments Supported: Parallels supports use of its products only on the platforms (hardware and operating systems) specified in the release documentation for each Parallels product.

What Support Excludes

The following are excluded from Parallels Support obligations:

  • Parallels software that is used on or in conjunction with hardware or software other than that specified in the applicable documentation
  • Virus infections
  • Spam protection
  • System/server administration activities
  • Configuring network environment
  • Routine product maintenance (data backup, cleaning disk space, and configuring log rotation)
  • Third party applications not provided by Parallels
  • Altered or modified Parallels software, unless altered or modified by Parallels or as defined in the product documentation or Knowledge Base
  • Defects in the Parallels software due to hardware malfunction, abuse, or improper use
  • Any version of the Parallels software for which support services have been discontinued by Parallels as documented in the Parallels End of Life Policy
  • Reimbursing and expenses spent for third-party services not provided by Parallels.
  • Parallels Support excludes training, customization, integration and any issues arising from non-standard usage of the software.
  • Evaluation software or other software provided at no charge and any Parallels software sold separately by Parallels, including, without limitation, consulting code, unless generally made available to Parallels subscription customers at no additional charge.

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