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Upload files with FileZilla

  • Parallels Desktop for Mac Business Edition
  • Parallels Desktop for Mac Home Edition
  • Parallels Desktop for Mac Pro Edition

Note: For uploading large files like virtual machine .pvm bundles, please use KB 9101


Below you will find the link to download the FileZilla (you will need FileZilla client, not server):

  1. Install FileZilla client and start it

  2. Go to Filezilla top dropdown menu > Settings > Select 'FTP' under 'Connection' and check the option "Send FTP keep-alive commands"

  3. In the 'Host:' box enter, leave username and password blank and click Quickconnect or just hit Return/Enter.

    The left side of the FileZilla window shows the directories and files on your own computer. And the right side shows the ftp server.

  4. On the left part of FileZilla window navigate to the folder where the file you want to upload is located.

    Below you will see the list of files that you can upload.

  5. On the right part of FileZilla window, in 'Remote site' box, paste a letter-digit directory name from the link provided by support engineer.


    you need this:
    Press Return/Enter.

    NOTE: The letter-digit directory name mentioned here is just an example, the real directory name will be different. 

  6. Now just drag the file from your directory (left part of the screen) to FTP directory (right part of the screen). You can also double-click on the file if you compressed it.
If uploading fails, please go to Failed transfers tab on the very bottom of FileZilla window and resume upload. Or if you drag and drop the same file again, FileZilla will ask you if you want to resume uploading.

As FileZilla proceeds to upload your file to our server, you should be able to see the upload progress in the bottommost window pane of FileZilla. When the upload is completed, you can disconnect from the server. You can do this by opening FileZilla dropdown menu and choosing Server > Disconnect.

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