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Microhone icon appears atop of Parallels Desktop application and cannot be closed Jan, 18 2019
Download Parallels Tools for legacy operating systems Jan, 18 2019
Improve virtual machine performance on Mac Jan, 18 2019
Unable to decrypt a virtual machine, password is not accepted Jan, 18 2019
What OpenGL version is supported in Parallels Desktop? Jan, 17 2019
Autodesk 3ds Max 2019 fails to start 'Could not initialize the graphic device' error message Jan, 14 2019
Use Boot Camp in Parallels Desktop Jan, 10 2019
Unable to resume a Windows virtula machine suspended in Parallels Desktop 14 after downgrading to Parallels Desktop 13 Dec, 28 2018
Install Windows on your Mac using Parallels Desktop Dec, 27 2018
Slow internet connection in Windows virtual machine Dec, 17 2018
Virtual machine encrypted with McAfee Drive software starts with a following error: Fatal Error 0xEE020006 Dec, 14 2018
How to reset Parallels Desktop warnings Dec, 7 2018
Mouse cursor randomly stuck while using OS X/macOS virtual machines Dec, 6 2018
Shift key is not working inside Windows computer connected by RDP Dec, 6 2018
Cannot undo changes using German keyboard layout. (CMD+Z) shortcut doesn't work. Dec, 6 2018
View and manage Parallels subscriptions and licenses Dec, 3 2018
Transfer Boot Camp Windows installation to a new Mac using Parallels Desktop Nov, 30 2018
Two-factor authentication for Parallels account Nov, 28 2018
Parallels Desktop 14 for Mac Business Edition updates summary Nov, 27 2018
Windows 10 Start Menu doesn't work in Parallels virtual machine Nov, 16 2018
Where to connect this USB device? dialogue doesn't appear after second and further device connections Nov, 14 2018
Unable to start Parallels services Nov, 13 2018
Application launched in OS X/macOS virtual machine does not work properly (graphical artifacts/issues) or cannot be started. 3D acceleration support in OS X/macOS virtual machines Nov, 9 2018
Parallels Desktop support Nov, 8 2018
Free up disk space on Mac Nov, 7 2018
Mouse synchronization does not work between Mac OS and virtual machine Nov, 7 2018
How to reclaim extra disk space from Windows virtual machine back to the Mac? Nov, 7 2018
Parallels Desktop application quit unexpectedly Nov, 7 2018
Can I use my VMware virtual machine in Parallels Desktop? Oct, 31 2018
The Start menu in Windows 10 virtual machine appears in full screen Oct, 29 2018
Renew Parallels Desktop subscription Oct, 25 2018
Use external graphics (eGPU) with Parallels Desktop for Mac Oct, 24 2018
"The virtual machine processor was reset by the operating system" notification appears upon attempt to shut down Windows 10 virtual machine Oct, 23 2018
A Windows virtual machine freezing when working with applications inside the virtual machine Oct, 17 2018
Web links from emails are opened in MS Edge browser instead of a macOS browser Oct, 17 2018
Cannot download Parallels Desktop for Mac Oct, 12 2018
How to terminate a frozen virtual machine Oct, 11 2018
Unable to start the virtual machine as it is stuck in stopping state Oct, 11 2018
How to use 'Force Quit' for Windows applications Oct, 11 2018
How to disable the Dock/the Mac OS X menu when working in Full Screen? Oct, 3 2018
Import Boot Camp to Parallels Desktop if you get 'Installation cannot proceed with Boot Camp configured' message Sep, 26 2018
After upgrading to Parallels Desktop 12 and above it's not possible to use Mission Control shortcuts to switch between Desktops Sep, 26 2018
Use clipboard history in Windows 10 October 2018 Update (1809) Sep, 25 2018
Run MAGIX products in Parallels Desktop for Mac Sep, 25 2018
Invitation to use Parallels Desktop for Mac from the Parallels business account Sep, 24 2018
How to know if my computer is using EFI/UEFI or BIOS firmware interface? Sep, 20 2018
Known issues with macOS 10.13 High Sierra and Parallels Desktop for Mac Sep, 20 2018
Support options for Parallels products Sep, 20 2018
Error starting Parallels Desktop: Unable to connect to Parallels Service Sep, 18 2018
Parallels Desktop system extensions are blocked on macOS 10.13 High Sierra Sep, 18 2018
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