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Firewire/Thunderbolt device is not working in Parallels Desktop Mar, 15 2018
Known issues with macOS 10.13 High Sierra and Parallels Desktop for Mac Mar, 14 2018
Installing Windows on your Mac using Parallels Desktop Mar, 14 2018
OpenGL support in macOS and Linux virtual machines Mar, 13 2018
Fix "Parallels Desktop cannot be started" error Mar, 2 2018
Parallels Desktop 13 for Mac Business Edition updates summary Mar, 1 2018
Parallels Tools Troubleshooting Feb, 27 2018
Error: An error occurred while switching to Coherence Feb, 27 2018
How can I improve Windows performance in my virtual machine? Feb, 27 2018
How to get to your virtual machine's configuration Feb, 26 2018
Download Parallels Tools for legacy operating systems Feb, 26 2018
Parallels Tools installation in Kali Linux Virtual machines Feb, 22 2018
Unable to use BootCamp based virtual machine after upgrading to macOS 10.13 Feb, 21 2018
Virtual machine starts or resumes for several minutes or more Feb, 16 2018
What is the Parallels Desktop for Mac Return Policy? Feb, 16 2018
Will my existing Windows virtual machine be affected by Parallels Desktop upgrade/update? Feb, 14 2018
How to add a second hard disk to Windows virtual machine Feb, 14 2018
Unable to migrate Windows 10 from PC to a Parallels virtual machine as 17179869184,0 GB of free space is required Feb, 9 2018
How to use CD/DVD drive on either Mac or Windows Feb, 9 2018
How to automate a snapshot's creation in Parallels Desktop Feb, 7 2018
Pausing virtual machine automatically Feb, 7 2018
Real-time Disk Optimization in Parallels Desktop for Mac Feb, 6 2018
How to reclaim extra disk space from Windows virtual machine back to the Mac? Feb, 6 2018
Unable to register Parallels Desktop with error 'check your Internet connection' Feb, 6 2018
Overwatch game starts with black screen Feb, 5 2018
No input/output sound through a headset in 3CX and Jabber applications Feb, 5 2018
How to boot Windows virtual machine into Safe Mode? Feb, 1 2018
How to make F9 - F12 function keys work natively in Windows virtual machine Jan, 29 2018
How to exclude a virtual machine from being uploaded to iCloud Drive Jan, 29 2018
CardPresso USB dongle is not working in Windows virtual machine Jan, 25 2018
Installing Debian Linux on your Mac using Parallels Desktop Jan, 23 2018
Unable to install Oracle 12c Jan, 22 2018
Bluetooth headset switches to mono when starting the virtual machine Jan, 22 2018
I cannot keep custom screen resolution in Full Screen mode Jan, 20 2018
How to disable two-factor authentication for my Parallels account Jan, 17 2018
Error message 'Unable to connect to Hard Disk 1' on Virtual machine's start Jan, 16 2018
How to install MS Office or other software to Windows virtual machine Jan, 16 2018
Activation of Parallels Desktop 13 for Mac Business Edition Jan, 12 2018
How to get Parallels Desktop support? Jan, 11 2018
Unable to use a virtual machine with another Mac user account Jan, 4 2018
"Enter Coherence" option is grayed out Dec, 28 2017
How to download, install and use LogMeIn remote control application? Dec, 25 2017
Unable to use additional mouse buttons in Windows virtual machine Dec, 8 2017
Windows starts with "The handle is invalid" error message at login screen. Dec, 6 2017
Visual artifacts when moving Windows application window in Coherence Dec, 6 2017
Parallels Desktop 13 for Mac System Requirements Nov, 30 2017
How can I use a Parallels Desktop Business Edition license on a new Mac? Nov, 22 2017
Unable to start the virtual machine after restoring from Acronis True Image backup Nov, 22 2017
Cannot undo changes using German keyboard layout. (CMD+Z) shortcut doesn't work. Nov, 17 2017
Unable to launch Internet Explorer in Windows 7 after upgrading to Parallels Desktop 13 Nov, 15 2017
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