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[Info] Possible disk types for Virtual environments May, 5 2014
A user is able to see the calendar of another user. May, 5 2014
How do I make changes in the php configuration? May, 5 2014
Unable to connect to the network in Leopard 10.5.x Virtual Machine May, 4 2014
Parallels Access crashes at " retrieving list of computers..." stage May, 4 2014
Display issues. Windows cannot initialize the device driver for this hardware. (Code 37) May, 4 2014
I am not able to activate Parallels Desktop 7 for Mac May, 4 2014
About Parallels Workstation 6 Build 13976 May, 4 2014
What is the Parallels Desktop 8 for Mac Return Policy? May, 4 2014
Switching Windows 2003 to Coherence, Full Screen and Crystal May, 4 2014
[Info]Enable battery in virtual machine. May, 4 2014
I already have Windows installed in the VM. How can I make more space available on the VM hard disk without losing data on it? May, 4 2014
Sharing the VM to other users of Mac May, 4 2014
How do I delete Offline computer from Parallels Access? May, 3 2014
Migration fails with en error 0x8B1703B May, 3 2014
How to create a screenshot on an iPad and send it to Parallels Support May, 3 2014
No network connection in Windows at startup for about 20 minutes May, 3 2014
ERROR: You do not have the permission to edit the virtual machine configuration May, 3 2014
Additional space appears between lines in Notepad after copying text from Mac to Windows virtual machine May, 3 2014
After upgrading to Parallels Desktop 6, the time zone in Windows reads different from the time zone on the Mac. May, 3 2014
Disk defragmentation for Windows 2008 R2 Containers fails when you launch it using the vzctl utility. May, 3 2014
Cannot enable desktop effects in KDE May, 3 2014
About Parallels Desktop 5 for Mac Build 9310 May, 3 2014
What is the purpose of Shared Networking mode? May, 3 2014
Do I need to reinstall Parallels Tools in Windows after updating Parallels Desktop for Mac? May, 3 2014
How to Copy and Paste text and images with Parallels Access? May, 2 2014
How to upgrade to OS X Mountain Lion? May, 2 2014
USB migration does not work in Parallels Transporter for App Store May, 2 2014
Using virtual machine and accessing users' documents May, 2 2014
Using virtual machine and accessing shared users' documents May, 2 2014
Parallels Desktop 6 for Mac Tech Guarantee May, 2 2014
Open-Xchange provisioning fails for IDN domains: Illegal chars: " " in login mapping May, 2 2014
Unable to install Parallels Desktop 4 after upgrade of Mac OS X from Tiger to Leopard May, 2 2014
[Info] Is it possible to perform a p2v migration from a physical server which has the Windows operating system installed in C:\WINNT ? May, 2 2014
Artifacts appear in Witcher 1 May, 1 2014
How to upgrade Windows XP virtual machine to Windows Vista? May, 1 2014
Apache cannot be started with the error "(98)Address already in use: make_sock: could not bind to address [::]:443 no listening sockets available, shutting down. May, 1 2014
Can I run my guest operating system on a separate hard drive? May, 1 2014
[Info] Unhandled exception when attempting to change permissions using the Plesk file manager May, 1 2014
My virtual machine switches to Full Screen mode Apr, 30 2014
Content of Sitebuilder site is not migrated Apr, 30 2014
Unable to update PaperPort 14. Error 1606. Apr, 29 2014
How do I configure VZVPN which allows SWsoft support to login to my server? Apr, 28 2014
About Parallels Desktop for Mac build 6.0.12090 Apr, 27 2014
Acronis Disk Director Suite in Parallels Desktop 6: Installation and Activation Apr, 27 2014
Is Mac OS X Snow Leopard (v10.6) important to Parallels Desktop for Mac customers? Apr, 27 2014
Pop-up dialogs do not show up in Agelong Tree software Apr, 26 2014
Unable to save Discovery Schedule settings: Failed to save schedule settings error message Apr, 26 2014
Files placed in not default Documents folder aren't moved to the destination Mac during migration via HDD Apr, 26 2014
Where can I find the virtual machine after using Parallels Transporter for App Store? Apr, 26 2014
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