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I receive error "The file auth.php3 is part of Plesk distribution. It cannot be run outside of Plesk environment" when I login to Plesk interface https://domain.tld:8443 and Plesk is installed within Virtuozzo VE.


This error may occurs if some of VE resources limits have been exceeded.


First of all enter to the VE and find if any resources limits are exceeded by looking on User Beancounters. If failcnt for some resource is being increased, you can set this parameter limit to greater value using the vzctl command from the hardware node, for example the command for setting shared memory resource limit looks like
# vzctl set VEID --shmpages 8400:8400 --save

Where VEID have to be replaced with the real VE ID.

General Plesk resources requirements can be found in the corresponded FAQ article.

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