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Virtual Machine Configuration windows: Parallels Desktop 5 and Parallels Desktop 6 for Mac

  • Parallels Desktop


To access virtual machine configuration, you need to click on the Virtual Machine option at the top of the Mac menu bar and choose Configure. Most significant changes can only be made when the virtual machine is off.

Below - you can find the screenshots of the Parallels Desktop 5 (upper screenshot) and 6 (lower screenshot) virtual machine configuration windows.

All of the share-related functions (like Shared Profile and Shared Folders), that were separate items in Parallels Desktop 5, are now included to one Sharing option in Parallels Desktop 6 for Mac.

Crystal mode is now a part of Coherence; it can be enabled by putting a checkmark on "Use Crystal" in the Coherence section of the Parallels Desktop 6 virtual machine configuration.

SmartGuard and UnDo Disks have been included to the Security section.

Shared Applications and Internet Applications are now a part of the Applications menu.



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