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Open-Xchange provisioning fails for IDN domains: Illegal chars: " " in login mapping


The APS task to provide Open-Xchange hosting for a subscription or create mailbox with Open-Xchange service fails with the following diagnostics:

Failed to create OX mail account context=98365 '': Illegal chars: " " in login mapping'


Service 'account' can not be provided for application instance: Invalid value passed for setting 'user_email': Incorrect character in domain name:'�':Invalid value passed for setting 'user_login': Incorrect character in domain name:'�'.

Subscription has the mailbox info@<all domains> and IDN (International Domain Name) domain like cü

The Open-Xchange 6.12 or earlier is installed.


IDN domains are not supported in the Open-Xchange 6.12, they are supported starting from the 6.14 only.


The Open-Xchange APS application and the customer's application instance in question have to be upgraded to 6.14 or higher, the failed task has to be resubmitted after that.

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