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About Parallels Desktop for Windows & Linux Build 6630

  • Parallels Desktop for Windows & Linux


Parallels Desktop for Windows & Linux build 6630 includes changes that improve performance and enhance compatibility. This update is highly recommended for all users of Parallels Desktop for Windows & Linux.

Obtaining the Update

Updates for Parallels Desktop for Windows & Linux are available via:

-  Parallels Desktop in-product updater
-  Parallels website

To install the update, do one of the following:

- Choose Check for Updates from the Help menu. Choose the update you want to install and click Install.
- Download the update build from the Parallels Website and install it manually.

When you first start your virtual machines after installing the update, please update Parallels Tools in them.

Additional Information

What is included in this update:

- Improves German, French, and Japanese keyboards handling on both Windows and Linux host computers.

- The “Print Screen”, “Pause”, and “Break buttons now work correctly on Windows host computers.

- Resolves the issue with artifacts on the desktop of a Windows host computer while working in Coherence with some video drivers.

- Resuming a virtual machine or reverting to a virtual machine snapshot on Intel Nehalem platforms now does not cause panic (PANIC@56.14).

- Resuming a virtual machine or reverting to a virtual machine snapshot on certain AMD platforms now does not cause panic (PANIC@25.41).

- Improves compatibility with host computers running Ubuntu 9.04 with Compiz enabled.

- Resolves issues with accidental GUI crashes on some Linux host computers when performing copy and paste operations.

- Improves compatibility with Ubuntu virtual machines imported from Mac host computers:  Parallels Tools update is now smoother.

- Resolves crashing of the Parallels Dispatcher service on shutting down or rebooting the host computer.

- Parallels virtual network adapters are now visible in Windows 7 virtual machines after resuming the host computer from hibernation.

- Parallels Tools can now be installed in Linux without need to edit the X server configuration file.

- Resolves issues with accidental memory leaks that occur while working in the Full screen and Coherence view modes.

- Resolves issues with grabbing the mouse input in some language versions of Windows (German, French) with a high workload.

- 32-bit virtual machines with SLES 10 SP2 x32 installed do not stall on startup.

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