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Installing Parallels Transporter Agent for Linux on 64-bit GNU/Linux Distribution

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While installing Parallels Transporter Agent in Linux, you can get the following error:

The operating system should support IA-32.
Please visit for more information.


This happens because most of the latest 64-bit GNU/Linux distributions (e.g. Ubuntu, Fedora Core, etc.) do not support 32-bit applications by default.

To be able to run 32-bit applications on your 64-bit GNU/Linux, you should have a 32-bit version of standard C library installed. The C library package is usually called 'glibc' or 'libc', depending on your GNU/Linux distribution.

To install a standard C library, run one of the following commands in terminal.

- On Ubuntu, Debian, Xubuntu, kubuntu, mint, and other Debian-based distributions, run:

sudo apt-get install libc6-i386

- On Fedora Core, RHEL, CentOS, ASPLinux, and other RedHat-based distributions, run this command as 'root':

yum install glibc.i386

- On SLES, OpenSUSE, and other SUSE-based distributions, run this command as 'root':

zypper install glibc-32bit

- On Mandriva run this command as root:

urpmi glibc6

After you have enabled 32-bit applications support, you can proceed to installing Parallels Transporter Agent on your Linux computer.

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