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License key file for Parallels Desktop Windows/linux

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For correct usage of Parallels Desktop two actions are required - Registration and Activation.


To activate Parallels Desktop for Windows and Linux you need to enter a license key in the activation field.

If you purchased Parallels Desktop in a retail store, you can find an activation key printed on the cover of the installation CD. If you bought the program online, you should have received the activation key by e-mail.

If you downloaded a trial copy of Parallels Desktop, you can get an activation key valid for a certain period of time.

After activating your copy of Parallels Desktop, you can create and use virtual machines, install operating systems and various applications on them.

Common Errors

Below is the list of the most common error messages displayed by activation of Parallels Desktop and their meanings:

"This key is invalid" - The key you entered is not a correct key for Parallels Desktop for Windows and Linux. Please check if you entered the correct key. There is some misspelling possible between "O" (the letter O), "0" (zero), "I" (the letter i), "1" (the number one). Note that the key must contain 34 signs (5 sets of 6 digits with 4 dashes between them).

"The activation key has expired on ..." - You have a trial activation key that has been ordered more than 15 days ago and has expired.

"This key can not be used with ..." - The key inserted is not suitable for the current version or build of Parallels Desktop for Windows and Linux.

"This key is a key for beta version of Parallels Desktop and can not be used with..." - the key has been issued for the Beta version of Parallels Desktop for Windows and Linux. Once the complete commercial build of Parallels Desktop was officially released, you should replace the beta key with a commercial one (full or upgrade).

"This key is only suitable for (English / German / French, etc.) version of Parallels Desktop..." - You have a localized version installed and try to activate it with a key that corresponds to a different language.


After you have activated your copy of Parallels Desktop for Windows and Linux with a permanent activation key, you will be asked to register your copy of Parallels Desktop.

We highly recommend you to register your copy of Parallels Desktop.

With registration, you will be able to:

  • download and install the latest Parallels Desktop updates;

  • contact Parallels support team via email;

  • stay informed about Parallels news and announcements;

  • restore lost products keys.

How To Register

There are two ways to register the activation key:

1. On the website, by logging in into your personal account at:

My Registered Products section.

2. By using Parallels Desktop for Windows and Linux in-built registration service (for versions 4 and 5).

The application will prompt you to register your activation key once your copy is activated.

3. You can also register later on (if not done before):

Start Parallels Desktop for Windows and Linux > Help > Product Registration

NOTE: An activation key may be registered only once. Either by using the in-built registration service or on the web site.

Common Error

When you are trying to register the activation key you receive a prompt below:

You or somebody else had tried to register key for Parallels Desktop. This key is already registered.

Registration details:

Product: Parallels Desktop for Windows and Linux

Key: xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxxx-xxxxxx-xxxxxx

Activation date:


The key you are trying to register had already been registered.

Apparently, it has already been registered by you.


  1. If you have already registered using the in-built registration service, the key should already be registered under the email account you have indicated while registering.

  2. Please check all of your Parallels Accounts (if you have several). Most likely you have registered the key with one of your accounts, not the one you are trying to register currently.

In case you were unable to locate the key under other accounts of yours / need the key be re-registered with another account, please contact Parallels Customer Service.


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