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Windows Vista Security Agent blocking Parallels Internet Security installation

  • Parallels Desktop 4 for Mac Standard Edition


Trying to install Parallels Internet Security on Windows Vista virtual machine you see the error message: "This program will not run. Security Center did not trust this program because its identity can't be verified":


Windows Security Agent checked Parallels Internet security and did not find Parallels Inc., in the list of known antiviral software vendors. This caused Windows Security Agent to consider Parallels Internet Security as a malware.


1. Go to Start -> Control Panel -> Security Center
2. Find Parallels Internet Security under the "Malware protection"  section and click "Show me my available options"
3. You will see three options:

a) Search online for compatable Antivirus
b) Monitor Antivirus yourself
c) Don't monitor Antivirus

Choose the second option and run Parallels Internet Security from the  Start -> Programs menu.

4. Reboot Windows if prompted.

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