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Unable to install Parallels Desktop build 5636


You are running Parallels Desktop version 3, builds 5584, 5600 or 5608

You have downloaded the latest build of Parallels Desktop 3.0 (build number 5636) by Parallels Desktop menu -> Check for updates option.

Parallels Desktop 3.0 prompts to install the update:

When you press “Yes” button  Parallels Desktop application blinks for a second, but nothing happens. Update installation does not start.

Double-clicking the downloaded .dmg file results in "The following disk images failed to mount. Image not recognized" error:


1. Close Parallels Desktop application

2. Double-click the downloaded .dmg file. This time .dmg file will mount and you will be able to proceed to update installation double-clicking on "Install Parallels Desktop":

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