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How to allow the Host and Guest VM to share the same MAC address with different IP addresses?

  • Parallels Desktop 4 for Mac Standard Edition


Sometimes it is required to allow the Host and Guest VM to share the same MAC address but still be configured with different IP addresses.

To make the configuration described possible, please, follow the steps below:

- open your virtual machine's profile (click on Configure button)
- on the Network Adapter pane click "Show advanced settings" and generate new MAC address, so it would not collide with the Mac's one.
- make sure the virtual machine is stopped, find its configuration file (config.pvs) inside the machine's bundle (called like Microsoft Windows XP.pvm or Microsoft Windows Vista.pvm)
- change the following strings (set values to 1)


- save changes and start the machine

No matter the MAC address on the Network Adapter pane will differ with the one of Mac, the virtual machine should use the same as the Macintosh does.

NOTE: if the virtual machine still gets the same IP address as the Mac, please, shut dovn the VM and change


line back to 0


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