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How to remove Keyspan driver?

  • Parallels Desktop 4 for Mac Standard Edition
  • Parallels Desktop 3 for Mac Standard Edition
  • Parallels Desktop 2.x for Mac Standard Edition


Sometimes due to Networking problems it is necessary to delete Keyspan Driver from Macintosh.
To do so, please:

1) Keyspan driver names may differ, so  first of all find out the driver name: pen Finder -> Applications -> Utilities -> Terminal and copy/paste there

kextstat | grep -i keyspan

Hit Return and you will see something like

copy/paste the second command:

sudo mv /System/Library/Extensions/KeyspanNHCI-T.kext/ /System/Library/Extensions/KeyspanNHCI-T.kext.back

Hit Return. You will be asked to enter your password. Please, do (note, you will not see it when typing).
Note: you have to replace the part KeyspanNHCI-T.kext in the command above (step 2) if with the item you get on the step 1.

3) copy/paste the command #3 (hit Return thereafter):

sudo rm /System/Library/Extensions.mkext
and command #4 (Return again):

sudo kextcache -k /System/Library/Extensions

Restart Mac OS X

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