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iSight camera does not work in Yahoo! Messenger

  • Parallels Desktop 4 for Mac Standard Edition
  • Parallels Desktop 3 for Mac Standard Edition


Incorrect iSight camera performance while working with Yahoo! Messenger could be caused by  system requirements not satisfied.

There are several system requirements which your camera should support to work in Yahoo!:

1. Either one of these image sizes:
          * Small image size: 160 x 120
          * Large image size: 320 x 240

 2. RGB, I420, or IYUV formats. (Each is fine; we recommend RGB 24.)

 3. Microsoft DirectX version 9.0

To check it, please,  download a Microsoft AMCap application that previews and captures input from audio/video capture PC peripherals.

AMCap is a sample application designed for testing video capture drivers and devices from Windows Driver Kit. For more information, please, see Microsoft Developer Network article:

Having downloaded the application, please:

1. Double-click the amcap.exe file on your desktop. If you have more than one webcam installed, click the Devices menu and select the one you want to use.

2. Click the Options menu, then select “Video capture Pin”

3. Under “Color Space/Compression:”, choose one of the following formats:

          * RGB 24 (our recommendation)
          * I420
          * IYUV

NOTE: If one of the options above isn’t in the list, then your webcam is not compatible with Yahoo! Messenger.

4. Under “Output Size”, choose one of the following:
          * 160 x 120
          * 320 x 240

NOTE: If one of the options above isn’t in the list, then your webcam is not compatible with Yahoo! Messenger.

5. Click OK

6. Close the ampcap application.

7. From your desktop, click ‘Start’ and select ‘Run’.

8. In the run box, type: dxdiag

9. In the confirmation dialog box, click OK.

10. On the System Tab under ‘System Information’, look for DirectX version. Verify that your version is DirectX 9.0. If it is, just click Exit. If your version is older than 9.0 (any lower number), click here to download the latest version of DirectX.

11. Start the webcam from Messenger by clicking My Webcam in the Messenger menu.

Attention Logitech webcam users:

Some Logitech webcam drivers may cause one of the following problems:

    * Windows freezes when accessing the webcam
    * A black screen appears when using the webcam in Messenger
    * A ‘Webcam not found’ error message appears.
    * After 3 seconds, the sound drops out of calls made via Yahoo! Messenger

If you already verified that your device is compatible through the above steps and you are a Logitech webcam user, please click here to update your Logitech webcam driver.

This article was created on the basis of Yahoo! Support article:

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