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How to use WinDBG to establish kernel debug session between 2 Virtual Machines

  • Parallels Desktop 4 for Mac Standard Edition


You try using to setup remote debug session using serial port in pipe mode
(as analog to null modem cable on real PC),
according to Microsoft knowledge base article ,
and there are synchronization problems between debugger session, and virtual machine:
- Debugger is not responding showing output "Waiting to reconnect..."
- Virtual machine reached synchronization stage with debugger is not responding showing black screen
- Serial ports on both virtual machines shows some connections activity during 5-10 minuts


1. Stop virtual machine you want to debug
2. Click Configure
3. Select "Show Advanced Settings"
4. Click CPU node in the left pane
5. Add following flag
6. Restart, or start WinDBG session in virtual machine from  which you want to debug testing VM
7. Start virtual machine you want to debug

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