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How does the work with and without “--clean” option?


- With “--clean” option


If you’d like to change the entire content of  the Confixx server during Confixx restore, you should use the “--clean” option. If you use “--clean” then the will clean your Confixx database before restoring. You should specify “--clean” both during mapping (option “--mapping”) and when restoring (option “--restore”).

It is recommended you should make a backup of your current Confixx server before restoring the backup file.


- Without “--clean” option


If you don’t specify the “--clean” option the will make Confixx restore incremental:

  • resellers and users will be added in Confixx incrementally and will be given new names,
  • POP3 users and FTP users will get new names as well,
  • standard domain users ( will be changed in compliance with the change of users’ names,
  • restore of domain names will be changed according to the rules defined in the map-file (--map <map-file>). If domain names coincide, then the domain names will be changed according to the “domain(*).default” rule and one of the users will lose his/her domain.

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