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How to Remove Parallels Desktop 4 Completely?

  • Parallels Desktop 4 for Mac Standard Edition


Errors occur when you try to install or update Parallels Desktop, create or open virtual machines, load the required drivers to the guest OS.


Mac OS system failure or incorrect software update may result in inability to install Parallels Desktop or load system files properly. Working in Mac OS for long periods of time without restart may lead to some minor glitches to appear in the system in total.

In such cases you might need to remove Parallels Desktop from your system completely and perform a clean installation.

NOTE: all your virtual machines will stay in place unaffected. The default location is ~/Documents/Parallels/*.pvm


NOTE: We strongly recommend that you make a backup of the virtual machine and backup of your Mac before proceeding.

After the backup is created do the following:

  1. Reboot your Mac.

    Note: Please print these instructions from File > Print browser menu for your convenience

  2. Launch Applications > Utilities > Disk Utility.

  3. Select Macintosh HD on the left tab and click the Repair Disk Permissions button.

  4. Launch the Uninstall Parallels Desktop application (you can find it on the Parallels Desktop CD or in the downloaded Parallels Desktop DMG package) and follow the on-screen instructions.

    Note: Parallels Uninstaller does not remove virtual machines from your Macintosh hard disk. It is important to use the Uninstaller of the Parallels Desktop version currently installed or newer.

  5. Launch Applications > Utilities > Terminal and type the following commands:

  6. Note: Please be sure to enter the commands in the full form because in case of missing any Mac OS can be corrupted.

       cd /Library/
       sudo rm -rf Parallels
       cd /Library/Preferences/
       sudo rm -rf Parallels
       cd /Library/StartupItems/
       sudo rm -rf ParallelsTransporter
       cd /System/Library/Extensions/
       sudo rm -rf prl_hid_hook.kext
       sudo rm -rf prl_hypervisor.kext
       sudo rm -rf prl_vnic.kext
       sudo rm -rf prl_usb_connect.kext
       sudo rm -rf prl_netbridge.kext
       cd /Users/<username>/
       sudo rm -rf .parallels/
       sudo rm -rf .parallels_settings

    Do not forget to replace <username> with a real name of account (it should not contain spaces). If some commands are showing No such file or dir, it means that uninstaller deleted them already and this is normal.

  7. Repeat steps 2 and 3.

  8. Restart your computer again

  9. Eject Parallels Desktop installation CD, if you performed the uninstallation process from a CD.

For information on removing Parallels Desktop 3.0, please check How to remove Parallels Desktop 3 Completely? For information on removing Parallels Desktop 5.0, please check How to remove Parallels Desktop 5 completely

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