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Virtual machine BSOD after the error 'Autochk not found -- skipping autochk'.


After you upgraded Windows XP Virtual Machine based on Boot Camp to Service Pack 3 when running Virtual Machine in Parallels Desktop, and then you tried to use Boot Camp, you may receive the following error:
Autochk not found -- skipping autochk

and after that VM will go to BSOD with the following error code:
STOP: c000021a {Fatal System Error} The Session Manager Initialization
system process terminated unexpectedly with a status of 0xc000003a
(0x00000000 0x00000000)

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Parallels recommends to perform all Windows updates when running Windows in Boot Camp.

Prior to upgrade you need to install Apple Boot Camp 2.1 update


1. Prepare Windows XP Installation CD with Service Pack 3 integrated, for more information please see the article

2. Restart Mac and boot from Windows XP Installation CD

3. Perform repair installation as described in the article Note that some applications settings and updates will be reverted back, such as IE7 to IE6, and you need to install updates again, and configure services which you changed manually (for example IIS).

4. Uninstall Boot Camp using Control Panel - Add/Remove Programs applet

5. Install Boot Camp again from Leopard DVD as described in

6. Upgrade to Boot Camp 2.1. You can download update from

7. Install Windows XP Service Pack 3 using either Windows Updates or
downloading Service Pack 3 Network installation package from

8. Restart Mac and login to Mac OS

9. Start Parallels Desktop holding 'Command' key - this procedure will not start Virtual Machine, instead you will see
'Configuration Editor'.

10. Navigate to Configuration Editor -> Hard disk 1 -> Advanced and click 'Clear' to remove Parallels Desktop information from Boot Camp.

11. Start Virtual Machine and reinstall Parallels Tools.

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