Parallels Desktop could not be launched or starts with errors after the Upgrade

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Cannot launch Parallels Desktop properly after the upgrade to the latest version by clicking on the icon from the Dock.


Upgraded Parallels Desktop versions have changes in the main executable (binary) file that is used for starting the program. If you copy an older Parallels Desktop executable file to your desktop or to the Dock, or create an icon for the old filename, the program won't launch properly or won't launch at all.


  1. Remove Parallels Desktop icons from your Mac OS desktop and the Dock.

    Right-click (Control-click) the Parallels icon on the Mac desktop or in the Dock and choose Move to Trash or Remove from Dock, or drag the Parallels Desktop icon to the Trash.

  2. Place the upgraded Parallels Desktop icon back onto the Mac OS desktop or to the Dock.

    1. In the Finder, open the Applications > Parallels folder .

    2. Drag the Parallels Desktop icon from the Parallels folder to the Mac OS desktop or to the Dock.

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