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An error occurred while Parallels transporter was collecting information about source computer

  • Parallels Desktop for Mac Home Edition


  • I am not able to migrate my Windows PC. The following error appears:

    "An error occurred while collecting the information about the source computer. The necessary drivers for Parallels Transporter Agent could not be found. Reinstall Parallels Transporter Agent and try again."

  • There is no snapapi.dll file in C:\Windows\System32\ directory (Important!)


This problem may occur in case of incorrect setup of Parallels Transporter Agent "snapman.sys" driver.


  1. Remove Parallels Transporter Agent and restart Windows:

    For Windows XP

    • Open Add or Remove Programs by clicking Start -> Control Panel -> Add or Remove Programs
    • Select Parallels Transporter Agent and then click the Remove.

    For Windows Vista and later

    • Open Programs and Features by clicking Start -> Control Panel -> Programs -> Programs and Features.
    • Select Parallels Transporter Agent and then click Uninstall.
  2. Go to %temp% folder in Windows File Explorer: type %temp% in address line or go to Start in the search box type %temp% and hit Enter (return).

  3. Run Parallels Transporter Agent installer, wait while it is extracting packages and do not click 'Next'. Do not close it.

  4. Installer will create two temporary folders in %temp% folder with names like
    {FB8A118F-F808-4A65-4CAF-DcDbd47FBB29}, and in one of them you will find SnapAPISetup.msi.

  5. Launch SnapAPISetup.msi and install it. If it prompts to Repair it -> choose repair.

  6. Continue Parallels Transporter Agent installation, Reboot the computer and Start Migration.

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