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USB devices fail to connect to your Windows virtual machine after upgrading Mac OS X to version 10.4.10.

  • Parallels Desktop 2.x for Mac Standard Edition


When you try to connect a USB device to the virtual machine, an error occurs stating that the device you are trying to connect is being used by another program. The USB device stopped working after the Mac OS X upgrade.


The build of Parallels Desktop you are using is not compatible with Mac OS X 10.4.10.


Update Parallels Desktop for Mac 2.5 to the latest build  by choosing Help > Check for Updates from Parallels menubar. After the update, reinstall Parallels Tools:

  1. Start Parallels Desktop without starting Windows.
  2. From the Help menu, choose Check for updates.
  3. Click Check now.
  4. Select the most recent update available, and click Download.
  5. When the update is downloaded, close Parallels Desktop.
  6. Open the Parallels Desktop  .dmg package.
  7. Double-click the Install Parallels desktop icon.
  8. Follow the prompts to run the update (you can leave everything at default).
  9. Restart your Mac.
  10. Start Parallels Desktop.
  11. Start your virtual machine.
  12. Cancel any found new hardware wizards
  13. Parallels tools install wizard  appears. Follow the prompts to install the tools using the default options. Restart Windows.
  14. If Parallels Tools installation doesn't start automatically, choose Actions > Install Parallels Tools from the Parallels menubar. Follow the Parallels Tools installation wizard instructions. Restart your virtual machine.
  15. After the restart, Windows initializes the tools for the first time and may boot with a short delay.

Note: The solution above is applicable to the Parallels Desktop 2.5 only.

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