How to increase the size of virtual Hard Disk

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Parallels Image Tool is designed for expansion of the size of your Virtual Hard Disk. You can find additional information about Parallels Image Tool in your manual (pp. 164-169).

Step 1

Power-Off your Virtual Guest Operating System.

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Step 2

Open “Finder” →”Applications”→”Parallels”→”ImageTool”

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Step 3

Click “Next” to perform the operation

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Step 4

Select “Hard Disk” to expand the size of your Virtual Hard Disk

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Step 5

Select “Increase the size of the Virtual Hard Disk” option and click “Next”

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Step 6

Click “Browse” to select your Virtual Disk Drive for expansion.

The path is defined in the Configuration Editor Resources section.

Specify the appropriate amount of memory in the New Size Box, for example, 120 GB. After that click “Next”

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Step 7

Now the Image Tool is ready to run. Please verify the options and click “Start”.

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Step 8

This operation can take some time, approximately up to 5 minutes.(This depends on the amount of data already stored on your Virtual Hard Drive in the guest Operating System).

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Step 9

Operation was successfully completed. Click “Exit” button to Exit

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