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Error message (missing on booting up from Boot Camp

  • Parallels Desktop 4 for Mac Standard Edition
  • Parallels Desktop 3 for Mac Standard Edition
  • Parallels Desktop 2.x for Mac Standard Edition


Problem: I had to erase and re-install my Boot Camp partition and now I'm getting this error in Parallels when I try to boot up the Boot Camp drive: "Parallels Desktop cannot find necessary drivers to configure your Boot Camp partition. Please refer to Help - Parallels Desktop Help - Using Boot Camp Windows XP Installation for troubleshooting."

Solution: Parallels Desktop requires file to operate with your Boot Camp partition. By default, the file is stored at C:\WINDOWS\Driver Cache.To resolve the issue, copy the file located at the same directory and rename it to

43a4cfd0d39eefbc844fb7740b79a4b9 98236a11050ecbd6a1bb76f41fd05550 a9c6e0b6a5209e617a7c0dd5eace86cf 1e5db16426987d561060acdf56d947b4 d6e04a8c3a7f86de03d4731caa56d4ed

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