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License types

Named users subscription

This license keeps track of how many unique (named) users there are in Parallels Secure Workspace (for each configured Workspace domain: System Settings > Manage > Users), no matter when they log in.

In this subscription, deleted users will only be fully deleted after the end of the month.

Includes maintenance and support.


Concurrent users subscription

There is a maximum number of users who can log in to Parallels Secure Workspace at the same time. If the next user tries to sign in, they will see an error message indicating that this is no longer possible. A previous user session would need to be closed first.

Concurrent users (perpetual)

Same as above. Comes with 1 year of maintenance and support.



In the Dashboard, two graphs are available. For the past 13 months, they show the amount of named users and the peak amount of concurrent user sessions.



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