Printers are not redirected on specific host

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RAS Universal Printing doesn't work on a specific host.

The following records can be found in the TSagent.log /guestagent.log/pcagent.log:

[D 19/0001000C/T24D4/P10AC]  13:21:30 - Consider adding printer 'OneNote for Windows 10' (driver='Microsoft Software Printer Driver') for user 'Machine\Administrator' in session 1
[D 08/00001000/T24D4/P10AC]  13:21:30 - AddPort 'XXPortS0019P0000' [D 08/00001000/T24D4/P10AC] 03-09-21 13:21:30 - AddPort succeeded for 'XXPortS0019P0000'
[I 08/80001012/T24D4/P10AC]  13:21:30 - Failed to add printer: name='OneNote for Windows 10 for Administrator by Parallels', port='XXPortS0019P0000', driver='2X Universal Printer', type='NT EMF 1.008' ([0x000003eb])
[D 08/00001000/T24D4/P10AC] 13:21:30 - DeletePort 'XXPortS0019P0000' [D 08/00001000/T24D4/P10AC] 03-09-21 13:21:30 - DeletePort succeeded for 'XXPortS0019P0000'


Switch printing technology to Microsoft Basic Printer redirection


Outdated printer-related information is not flushed correctly in certain scenarios


Upgrade to the Parallels RAS v19 or newer


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