How to exit full screen mode in VNC session

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VNC session was created and switched to full screen mode.

The following window was omitted or set to "Do not show this message again":

When machine with SCCM Console is restarted, the VNC session is re-established.


This behavior is by design of Tight VNC and other VNC clients. Parallels Device Management is using TightVNC for establishing VNC sessions from SCCM Console.

It can be also found in the following path:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Parallels\Parallels Device Management for Configuration Manager\tvnviewer.exe"


1. Use key combination to exit full screen mode: Ctrl + Alt + Shift + F.

2. If for some reason combinations do not work, the tvnviewer.exe process can be killed from another Windows machine remotely:

NOTE: The full screen setting from the previous session will not pertain for the next one so killing the process allows stating windowed session next time.


taskkill /s /u domain\user /im tvnviewer.exe

Where should be replaced with an IP address of the machine from where VNC (client) session was initiated.

And domain\user should be replaced with domain and user which started VNC session tvnviewer.exe process on the client machine.


$cred = Get-Credential;Get-WmiObject -computer -class win32_process -filter "name = 'tvnviewer.exe'" -credential $cred| %{$_.terminate()} | out-null


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