What's new in Parallels Desktop 17

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Up to 38% faster Windows resume time so you can get to your apps quickly

Better Graphics Performance

Up to 25% faster 2D graphics and up to 28% faster DirectX 11

Distraction-free Coherence™ Mode

In Windows 10, system screens such as shut-downs, updates and sign-ins used to occupy the complete Mac desktop, overlapping all open apps. In Parallels Desktop 17, all such screens are now turned into resizable macOS windows with title bar, so you can stay focused on the Mac workflow.

New display driver for Windows

Improved display driver in Parallels Desktop 17 delivers much smoother Windows UI responsiveness and synchronized video playback. In addition to performance improvements, the new driver boosts frame rate in many Windows games for a greater gaming experience and provides better synchronization with the Mac display.

Improved Drag-and-Drop and Copy/Paste between OSs

Now you can drag and drop text and images between Mac and Windows applications to speed up your content creation. Enjoy using the macOS shortcut “Shift+Option+Command+V” to paste unformatted text into your virtual machines, eliminating the extra steps it normally takes.

macOS Monterey Support

Parallels Desktop 17 is optimized for the latest macOS 12 Monterey with improved Drag-and-Drop that enables you to easily drop text and images to macOS Monterey Quick Note from Windows applications. Easily install macOS Monterey to a virtual machine via Parallels Desktop 17 Installation Assistant. Parallels Desktop continues to stay up to date so you can keep working without interruption—even when a new macOS, Windows or Linux release pops up.

Powerful new features introduced for Apple M1 Mac

The Parallels Desktop experience on a Mac with Apple M1 chip just got remarkably more powerful and seamless:

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