Unable to extend subscription/buy additional licenses in MA

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Note: If the case concerns buying additional license, please check the renewal date. If there are 5 or less days left before the renewal date, then it will not be possible to add an additional seats until the renwal occurs, due to some quirks of Cleverbridge billing system.

In that case, please advise the customer to wait for the renewal to occur and buy additional seats afterwards.

If customer needs additional seat immediately - provide with temporary NFR license key.


Customer is unable to extend subscription/buy additional licenses with one of the multiple symptoms:

- Buy More Licenses button is missing

- Your request to renew a subscription will be processed shortly...


- Something went wrong;

- Purchasing process hangs and then the Buy more licenses button disappears.


Some initial misconfiguration with one of the subscriptions' transactions on the CB side has caused it to get stuck, and as a result, no additional transactions can occur.


For T1:


For T2:

1. Open CA and search via the customer's email address to locate any failed transactions. Once find any, open the order > Processing > Cancel Purchase.

2. If you can't cancel the order in CA, contact CB via email because there are some issues on their side (not valid card details,/not enough money on the account/typo, etc) to check for stuck uncancelled transactions. Ask CB to cancel those transactions and provide the reasons for the transaction being stuck to inform the customer about them.

3. Once the reasons are clear, provide them to the customer (to let them make the necessary changes and fix the reasons why the installation has been stuck) and in SA go to the subscription page and click Reset to let the customer try again.

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