Open session with Parallels account when working with remote computers using Parallels Access Web Console

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When I'm trying to connect to my remote computer registered with Parallels Access from a web browser, I see the dialog below:

What are the possible risks if I click Yes?


Before you select to keep you signed in to your Parallels account for the next 60 days, please consider the following risks:

During this period, Parallels My Account web service will not ask you or anyone else to pass an authentication procedure on entering your Parallels account in the web browser on the computer you're currently using to access your account. If someone else might have physical access to your computer while you leave it unattended, the unwanted visitor may steal your Parallels product license keys, see the list of your computers registered with Parallels Access or, if you're a member of a business account, browse the lists of your company/organization assets like computers, farms, servers, etc. registered in the business account. 

If you're determined to keep a session with your Parallels account open, we recommend you make sure your computer is configured to require a password after sleep or screen savers begin.

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