Parallels Access for Business: migration to a new licensing server

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As part of the continuous improvement process, Parallels Access for Business product subscriptions are being migrated to a new license management service which provides more flexibility in managing Parallels Access and other Parallels product licenses.

As a result of this migration, auto-renewal for all current subscriptions has been disabled. To migrate to the new licensing server and re-enable auto-renewal, a subscription must be renewed using the new service.

To do that, please follow the link in an email you have received with the subject "Announcement from Parallels: migration to a new licensing server".


1. My license doesn’t expire for a few months. Do I have to migrate now?

No. However, to ensure swift transition, we encourage you to renew the license with the new service as soon as possible.


2. Why do I have to pay for a whole year?

It is an annual subscription, so paying for a year is required. That year will be added to your existing subscription.


- your current subscription is valid till April 1st 2021 (auto-renewal has been disabled, so unless renewed, the subscription will stop working on April 1st 2021);

- you go to and renew the subscription, paying for another year;

- as a result, your subscription is now valid till April 1st 2022, the subscription is moved to the new server, and auto-renewal is re-enabled;

- and since auto-renewal is enabled, on April 1st 2022 you will be charged for another year.


3. Why do I see a much higher renewal price for the same number of licenses as before?

One Parallels Access for Business license pack allows you to access up to 5 remote computers, and during the renewal process a number of such 5-packs (rather than the total number of computers) is shown.

Therefore, for example, if your organization has 10 remote computers, you need to select not 10 but 2 license packs.


4. Can I change the number of licenses during migration?

Yes. Please note, that decreasing the number of licenses is an option that is available only once, during the migration.


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