How to setup minimum allowed build of Parallels Client

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Parallels RAS allows you to configure the minimum build of Parallels Client allowed to connect to the farm – in example, you can block outdated clients for security purposes.

To configure it, please go to RAS ConsoleConnection Allowed devices and select mode Allow only the selected clients to connect to the system:

First of all, enable the platforms (Windows, Linux, etc.) that you want to be able to connect to the farm.

Then double click on the line with the client you want to configure and setup the build. In general, the build number is the last number in the client version.

For example, if you want to set a minimum client build version to connect to the RAS farm such as 16.0 (Build 18234) for Windows OS just configure the minimum build here to 18234 and hit Apply:

After that users running client with lower build will receive message like this when trying to connect:

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