Default detection rules created for MacOS applications

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Detection rule must be created based on the info.plist file that can be found in application installer. Here is how we can verify correct detection rule creation based on the following example with Google Chrome application:

1. manually install application on a single Mac.

2. Open info.plist file with some editor in GUI and look for CFBundleIdentifier and CFBundleShortVersionString key values or use the following command in terminal:

for key in CFBundleIdentifier CFBundleShortVersionString; do defaults read /Applications/Google\ $key; done

The output is going to look as follows:

3. Detection rule created by default when application (.cmmac) is added in SCCM should look according to the output from step 2:

This can be checked by opening Deployment Type > Properties:

And opening Detection Method > Edit Clause:

NOTE: If version of the application being deployed is lower than the one that is already installed, it will be detected as installed automatically without offering to install it in Parallels Application Portal:


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