How to send technical data in Parallels Desktop for Chromebook Enterprise

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If you are having an issue running Parallels Desktop, you can send technical data to Parallels right from your Chromebook. Please note that sending technical data is not a support request. When you require assistance, you should create a support ticket in Parallels My Account.

To send technical data to Parallels:

  1. In the virtual machine window, click the three vertical dots (ellipsis) menu in the upper right and choose Troubleshooting > Send Technical Data.

  2. Wait for the data to be generated.

  3. In the Technical Data Report dialog, type a description of the problem that you are experiencing.

  4. To preview the report, click the See Details button. This opens a dialog where you can browse the report categories and see the data that was included in the report.

  5. When done, click Send Report.

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