AdsiWrap reports 0x8000500d error when trying to get dNSHostName or other attribute

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The following entries are repeatedly observed in pma_isv_proxy_service.log:

07-30 14:03:15.433 D /AdsiWrap:11180:40d8/ IADs::Get() returned 0x8000500d (Unable to obtain message text for error -2147463155 (reason 317)) for 'dNSHostName'
07-30 14:03:15.433 D /pma_isv_proxy_service:11180:40d8/ Skip DN 'CN=3333333,OU=test,OU=test-1,OU=users,DC=sub,DC=domain,DC=com': Unknown error


0x8000500DL error means E_ADS_PROPERTY_NOT_FOUND.

In other words, the AdsiWarp component cannot find dNSHostName property for the corresponding object (CN) in ADSI.


In most cases, this message can be ignored as it occurs when dNSHostName property has not been set yet.

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