PMM license properties can't be viewed

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PMM license properties can't be viewed:

pma_isv_proxy_service.log ends with these errors:
07-27 11:49:58.785 W /CmProxyCerts:12308:42a8/ Could not load CM Proxy SSL certificate
07-27 11:49:58.785 W /pma_isv_proxy_service:12308:42a8/ Initialization failed: Could not load CM Proxy SSL certificate
07-27 11:49:58.785 I /pma_isv_proxy_service:12308:42a8/ Retrying start in 120 seconds


PMM Proxy configuration in PKI mode wasn't completed due to a wrong certificate template being used.

07-23 17:24:12.339 D /CmProxyCfgUtils:1428:2a18/ No certificate for CM Proxy in local store for PKI config
07-23 17:24:12.339 D /Certs:1428:2a18/ Template name = ''
07-23 17:24:14.247 W /Certs:1428:2a18/ Certificate disposition: 2 (Denied by Policy Module  0x80094800, The request was for a certificate template that is not supported by the Active Directory Certificate Services policy: Server Test).
07-23 17:24:14.250 W /CmProxyCfgUtils:1428:2a18/ Certificate request denied
07-23 17:24:14.250 F /pma_isv_proxy_config:1428:2a18/ Certificate request denied
07-23 17:24:15.646 F /CmProxyCfgUtils:1428:2a18/ ATL exception: Unable to obtain message text for error -1 (reason 1813)


Issue a proper template for PMM Proxy PKI certificate and re-run PMM Proxy Configuration utility specifying the newly created template.

Please refer to page 34 of the Admin guide for more details.

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